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What makes Ace Pos unique?

  1. Cloud based system allows your staff to manage orders, accept payments and split bills at tableside, greatly increasing service efficiency
  2. Payment partners including Paymentsense ,World Pay
  3. Comprehensive feature set beyond POS system, including sales reports, accounting, staff management, and inventory management
  4. Rich customization toolset for menu management, security control, taxation, cashier workflows, payments
  5. Sales features provide an overview of a detailed look on your restaurant’s operations
  6. Flexible menu display: hide items or categories; add/edit items with full descriptions; remove out-of-stock items; and different menu views (color-coded and list)
  7. Provides customer self-service
  8. One of the more reliable customer support with phone, text, chat and email options
  9. Connects to other Ace Pos apps, such as Order Online , and Website
  10. Features electronic invoicing; receipts can be sent via email
  11. Ace  Online –  build your online presence with this pre-built website that connects with Ace Pos, giving you a single platform of sales
  12. Quick login gives you full access to all features even when you’re on the go
  13. Offers flexible pricing for a system-hardware bundle, either a one-time payment or via a monthly installment
  14. Can match a wide range of restaurant types from bars and nightclubs to take out counters and food court
  15. Easy search tool for menu surfing
  16. Compatible with iPad and iPhone or any Tablet device for tableside order taking and checkouts
  17. Delivery management. Features integrated to postcode data

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