A seamless payment solution for your restaurant.

Enhance customer convenience and streamline transactions effortlessly.

Ace tech partner with dojo

Making payments effortless

have partnered with Dojo to offer seamless integrated payments. Combining the latest technology with award-winning customer support.

Faster transactions. Fewer mistakes. 

Integrated payments connect your card machine to your EPOS wirelessly, so you don’t have to enter the sale amount manually on your card machine. That means you’ll enjoy faster transactions, fewer mistakes and easier end-of-day reporting.

Key features:


Set up in minutes

Connecting your card machine and EPOS only takes a few minutes. With A Dojo machine you’ll be trading in no time.


Serve customers faster

With your card machine and EPOS system connected wirelessly in the cloud, there’s no need to enter the transaction twice. So, faster payments, happier customers and shorter queues all round.


Protect your profits

Just tap the amount into your EPOS, and the transaction is pushed directly to the card machine. And because you don’t have to enter the amount on both devices, you could save up to £140 in written-off revenue each month.*


Cash up quicker

Cashing up at the end of each day takes minutes with integrated payments. Because the payment is pushed from one device to the other, cash and card takings will automatically add up – so you can free up a third of your time cashing up each day.**

* Findings from 80 customers in February 2021: data represents the average customer, based on size of business and number of card machines; £16 margin of error at 95% confidence.

**  131 customers asked across two studies in 2019 and 2021: the saving was 3 minutes 55 seconds, equating to 34.9% of the time taken; margin of error of 22 seconds at 95% confidence.