ePOS for Restaurant

Transform your restaurant's efficiency with our Restaurant ePOS system. Simplify orders, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your success.

Split Bill Feature

Enhance dining experiences with our Split Bill feature. Ace Tech simplifies the process, allowing servers to effortlessly split bills between customers, whether evenly or by item. Streamline transactions for a seamless dining journey.

Custom Floor Plans

Optimize restaurant operations with Ace Tech's ePOS System. Effortlessly manage tables, track orders, and enhance customer experience. Streamline service, reduce wait times, and elevate your restaurant's efficiency.

Tableside Ordering

Our mobile POS empowers restaurants to take orders, upsell, and split bills right at the table. Elevate service efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Payment System

Enhance customer convenience and streamline transactions effortlessly with a seamless payment solution for your restaurant.

Loyalty Program

Transform guests into loyal patrons with Ace Tech's Loyalty Program. Our CRM platform creates personalized experiences, turning regulars into brand promoters. Elevate customer engagement and loyalty for lasting success.


Simplify your customer reservations with Ace Tech. Effortlessly accept bookings, manage capacity, and offer star treatment to every guest. Elevate your restaurant's guest management with our complete reservations platform.