Building Best Diner Experiences with next generation Tablet POS system

Ace Pos
Technology is way advanced, and it’s getting cheaper with web applications, why to keep purchasing the normal Point of sales touch screens when you can have it with any Tablet

Technology has a wonderful habit of making our lives a little easier, and in the case of the restaurant industry, has made a revolutionary impact in the way that we take customer orders, generate reports and keep in contact with our customers via special offers, emails and newsletters. It is safe to say that smartphones and tablets have opened a lot of doors for restaurateurs with their fingers on the pulse of modern technology.

Ace Pos is a provider of a full spectrum of point-of-sale,and IT solutions for hospitality and Restaurants and takeaways. our team is always focused on innovating world-class features and options that are vital for day to day business operations, especially with regards to overall performance, marketing, and efficiency.
Ace pos sell online ordering websites & EPoS systems for restaurants & takeaways. We also sell cheap hardware and amazing marketing services. Resellers welcome! 

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November 2017