Our Hardware Includes:


While Brigade is compatible with any iPad, we highly recommend iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro 9.7″ for the best performance.

Encrypted Secure Swiper

iPad Stands / Casing

If you are placing the ipad on the counter then the Vault stand is our recommended option, however, if you can find a space on the wall, Heckler is your way to go.

Impact Printers

Both kitchen printers are great options, however, Epson are harder to configure but more durable. Star on the other hand is slightly easier to configure.

Thermal printers

Just like the kitchen printers, the epson are a lot more durable but will be more difficult to setup. However, once setup, you won’t have to configure it again. However, if you looking to save a few extra Pounds, then Star TSP100 is the next best option. We recommend you hardwire all printers, but if running a line is too difficult then we can just as easily set them up wirelessly with the airport, .

Apple Airport for

Wireless printing


We highly recommend the heckler cash drawer if you get can get over it’s price tag. They are extremely stylish and the best cash drawer we have seen. With that said, the APG will work just as well and requires a bit more space.