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75% of consumers say they choose a restaurant based on search results.

Online Ordering Website,branded app, restaurant EPOS System

What you get with Ace Online?

Search Engine Optimized

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental and essential for any website. Our website is SEO friendly and will help you position your website properly so that you are visible to the most visitors

Online Payments / Cash on Delivery

Online payments can be made with our integrated payment gateways. Take advance payments from customers while they do online ordering or after the food delivery.

“We don’t touch the money. They go directly into the restaurant’s account”

Today, the platform supports the most popular credit card processors in UK.. The role of the Ace Online platform is to connect to the payment gateway to initiate the transfer. The money are then sent from the customer directly into the merchant account. “We don’t touch the money. They go directly into the restaurant’s account, not passing through us”.

Multiple language and currencies

We will never let you down with our software no matter where on Europe you use. Multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways will set magic in your business.

Full Point of sale integration

Your POS system investment was expensive, why pay for additional hardware and/or training to get online ordering functionality? Why waste valuable time taking phone orders, placing customers on hold, or re-entering online orders into your point-of-sale? With our solution, you won’t.

Online orders will be directly injected into your Database Epos. Orders will print and/or display on your system or receipt printers. Your staff won’t be able to tell the difference between an online order or a “normal” in-person order. Existing reports will continue to work and will include online originated sales. Our solution makes your carryout/delivery operations much more efficient.


How do I add my online ordering website to my existing website?2017-12-16T08:23:50+00:00

Integrating your online ordering website into your existing website is quick and easy. Most restaurants place a hyperlink button on their websites that will seamlessly direct customers to their online ordering site. You can also include the online ordering site as an iframe into your website (depending upon your website’s dimension). Please consult your web designer and our support team to do either one of these methods.

Can I accept Credit Cards online?2017-12-16T08:45:53+00:00

Yes. Ace Tech can send credit card transactions to the top payment processors such as Stripe,Worldpay,Paymentsense

Do I need to get my own web hosting?2017-12-06T11:23:26+00:00

No. All  plans include secure, unlimited hosting for your online store. We use the best servers and networks to ensure your online ordering is reliable and fast.